Impressive circular blade cutting machines for
tough continuous operation.

- Oil-free circular blade technology for optimal
  cutting results for all common types of bread.
- Extremely quiet. Only quieter if cutting by hand.
- Hygienic design. Encapsulated work area for maximum hygiene.
- Simple operation. Perfect ergonomics.
- Also available in many colours.
- Available in cutting widths 320, 420 or 520 mm.


New operating concept

The completely new operating concept for the R models ensures maximum efficiency. Simply set the cutting thickness or loaf cutting, press the button and done! It couldn't be any easier!




New design

The clear and simple design ensures excellent ergonomics and is compatible with every sales area. The surfaces are easy and quick to clean. The machines are available either in many different colors.


The redesigned cutting channel is suitable for all types of bread up to 32/42/52 cm* long and with diameters of 32 cm. The automatic slice holder supports the cut slices and returns to its starting position after the cutting process. Several sensors also ensure that the users never come into contact with dangerous components.

Extremely quiet

Thanks to the large circular blade with a special coating, you achieve consistent cuts with different types of bread. Optimal results are also achieved with freshly baked bread. The sophisticated blade technology and the special coating guarantee high cutting power and a long service life. A special kind of sharpening also ensures the tool works extremely quietly.



The sliding cover can be easily removed. Simply turn the two rotary knobs and the disc can be removed. The work area is encapsulated for hygiene purposes. All important components and the large crumb tray are easily accessible through the large service flap. As an option, you receive the swivel-mounted bag plate for simple and ergonomic packing of bread. Inset in drawer form for storing clips and integrated bag holder.

Perfect fit!

Thanks to the particularly small dimensions and the
elegant, clear design, the R models are optimally
adjusted to every sales situation.

Stainless steel housing or can also be supplied in
different colours.


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